I have had dental issues my entire life and no one could get to the bottom of the problem. I was constantly having cavities, and at 30 years old felt like I had the teeth of someone much older. It wasn't until I moved to the city and was told by my father I needed to see his Dentist ASAP! Dr Daniel Wank made time for me to come in with my father and we immediatly realized the issue. My gums were in horrible shape and that was the "root" of the issue. Once we took care of my gums with a simple in house minor surgery, the main problem I was having was the fact that my gums bleed terrible. this stopped. The we fixed the teeth and the doctor was able to save every one. NO extractions needed so that meant I was able to fix all my damaged teeth without the cost and time of getting an implant. After the great work he did, despite the horrible work done by my previous dentist I stayed with Dr Wank and did invisilign with him which came out great and then we decided to whiten my teeth. I can finally say I have my smile back.. Thanks Dr Wank and Fara. I am so happy.... You are so careing and wonderful I cant wait for my next cleaning.

Jenn V. | Sep 21, 2022

Great guy staff is amazing definitely would recommend family and friends...

Godz Gift | Jul 25, 2022

Dr. Wank was the most kind and professional dentist I have ever seen. He took time to sit with me and answer any questions or concerns that came about. He truly cares about his patients and that was shown from the moment I walked into the office. I booked an appointment with him because I wanted to ask his opinion on a treatment I was looking into doing with another practice that was VERY expensive. He explained to me that my gums and teeth looked beautiful and that he would be happy to answer any questions to me in the future before I make any big decisions. Needless to say he saved me hundreds of dollars. He took time out of his day to ease my mind and my concerns and I truly appreciate his help! His front end staff Jenny is also the sweetest! She was attentive and kind before I met with Dr. Wank. If you are looking for any dental work or an amazing periodontist, Dr. Wank is the dentist for you!! Much thanks to him and his wonderful staff!!

Jamie R. | Jul 19, 2022

I have been seeing Dr Wank for 3 years now, and as someone with gum issues, I’m happy I made the permanent switch to him as my primary dentist. His office is very clean and his team up front is great. The reason why I’m giving Dr Wank 5 stars is the amount of pride he takes in his work and the top-notch care he gives me as a patient. I’ve gotten root canals, gum grafts, and crowns done with him and he’s done an excellent job with all the procedures (and always takes time to explain what he’s doing).  On top of it all, he’s also a nice guy, very down to earth, and easy to talk to.I would recommend Dr. Wank to anyone looking for a dentist or periodontist in NYC

Martin A. | Jul 07, 2022

A friend recommend this dentist to me because she has been going for years. This man is nasty and very unclean. He has a body odor as if he hasn’t taken a shower in days. He had his gloves on but stop to touch unsterile items like his cell phone, I had to ask him to kindly change his gloves.  Just gross I wanted to vomit

Sandra C. | Jun 16, 2022

I'm in my 50's and been going to Dr. Wank since I was 25 years old!! I love my teeth and they way they look. He always takes care of his clients in such a professional and exceptional way. He's the best!

Damaris T. | Jun 07, 2022

Dr. Wank has been our family dentist for over 20 years. I recently contacted him to consult on dental care for my elderly mom who has Parkinson’s.  She needed extensive work on her teeth but I feared the worst due to her shaking and dyskinesia. Dr. Wank reviewed the X-rays I provided and suggested evaluating them in his office on an off day so he wouldn’t have to rush.When we arrived for the appointment she was shaking terribly.I cannot express enough how kind & patient Dr. Wank was with my mom.He took his own X-rays for the procedures he was going to perform and at my request proceeded to X-ray her whole mouth for assessment and future work.He was so gentle with her, gave her the time she needed, and made her feel at home.  He was able to give her the dental care she needed so she could eat without pain.  He asked what medicine she took to be sure he would not cause her any harm.  I was amazed at how relaxed she became and after some time the shaking stopped with no extra Parkinson’s medication given.  Dr. Wank, thank you for a job incredibly well done. It’s a shame there aren’t more physicians who care about their patients as much as you do.5 stars is not a high enough rating in my opinion!!

Robin R. | May 02, 2022

Fantastic dentist who will explain everything to you so you can make the best decision for you! He’s super patient and knowledgeable!

Ciarra K. | Mar 29, 2022
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